IMPORTANT: It is ultimately the responsibility of the domain name owner/registrant to keep their domain name(s) registration and profile data current and active. You can contact us any time to inquire if you are unsure, or do a free whois search to review the details of your domain name profile and registration status here:

Did you register a domain name from the One World Hosting site before April 2014?
Please review your renewal and management instructions here (link: legacy.html)

MANAGING A DOMIAN's AUTO RENEWAL: If you have a One World Hosting account you can do the following to either enable or disable a domain name's auto renewal.

You can change that setting in your Client Area (link:

Click "My Domains" from the drop down menu under Domains:

To the right of the domain name you wish to work with click Auto Renewal Status:

Then click the Disable Auto Renew button to disable auto renewal:

You will still receive 5 email reminders of your domain names pending expiration starting 60 days from it's termination date.

To renew your domain during that time simply return to domain management in your Client Area (link:
and click on the Renew Domains option.


You can change/edit the following details of any domain name via your Client Area (link:

- Renewal
- Register a new domain
- Transfer a domain to us from another registrar
- Preregister a New gTLD
- Manage your DNS/Nameservers
- Edit your contact info

From the Management Tools drop down menu you can also change the following: