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We are currently offering our most popular Standard RS Special Account for only $4.95 per month when paid for annually – our best offer (only $5.95 month by month)! No setup fees and instant account activation. See below for ordering details. * New accounts only!

Make money by reselling web hosting! More than 1/3 of our customers take advantage of reselling and many make additional monthly income by doing so. Some Resellers are web designers looking for a secure, trusted web host for their web sites. Some Resellers are small hosts looking to take advantage of the ever growing hosting market. Some are just regular customers looking to add an additional web site at the lowest price possible. As an independent reseller for One World Hosting, you have all the advantages of a Web Presence Provider, without the operating costs. You will provide your clients with customer service, set your own pricing and billing, while One World Hosting remains anonymous to your customers.

How to Order Resold Hosting Accounts
Start by logging into your personal Client Area, the front door for all of your accounts, settings and contact information:

From any page within your Client Area you'll see a common right-side "Quick Navigation" menu, and at the bottom, the ORDER link:

Select ORDER, and then on the next, Shopping Cart page, select the "Resold Hosting" button.  You'll see the two Resold packages now available; Standard RS and Professional RS:

Select the appropriate package, and then the associated domain name (or order that as well), package term, and any other details.

We are currently offering our most popular Standard RS Special Account for only $4.95 per month when paid for annually – our best offer (only $5.95 month by month)! No setup fees and instant account activation. See above for ordering details.*

Your customers’ accounts are stand-alone, full-featured accounts with their own separate storage and bandwidth. They will have access to their own control panel with all of the features that you access from your own master account. There are only two differences; first, information and utilities which would point back to One World Hosting are removed. Second, resold accounts cannot themselves resell. For more details see our Plan Details page

Virtual Name Servers (VNS)
When your customer searches for their domain name in a Whois search, they can see your company name and not One World Hosting - just one more way to protect your relationship. As a Reseller you can set up your own Virtual Name Servers and if we host your primary domain name, we can even set it up for you.  If your domain name was registered elsewhere, you'll need to take some steps at that registrar to complete the setup.  For more details, see Virtual Name Servers - How To.

Convenient, Powerful Support

  • Add additional domains in real time (within minutes). This gives you more control and faster turn around time for your clients.
  • Detailed billing history for every domain added to your Reseller account.
  • Direct access to popular add-on services like Nospam spam filter by Postini, Mobile Site Builder, and PCI compliant ecommerce services.
  • Virtual Name Servers; simple and free -have your clients’ domain resolve to your own name servers instead of ours for a complete white labeled service

One World Hosting Responsibilities to the Reseller

  • Provide direct technical support only to the reseller
  • Provide billing arrangements only to the reseller
  • Provide online documentation to the reseller for the support of their clients
  • Provide the reseller with virtual name servers for whois identity.

Reseller Responsibilities

  • Domain Name registrations or transfers
  • Provide direct billing to their customers
  • Provide direct Technical Support to their customers
  • Abide by One World Hosting Acceptable Use Policies

*Please Note: Package is available exclusively for new accounts. To take advantage of this offer you must have a main One World hosting account. Also, affiliate and referral fees are not available for resold accounts. Hosting web sites since 1998. One World Hosting is not publicly owned or traded, and has zero debt load.