host17 connectivity issues update, Tuesday June 18th

One of our servers, host17 continues to experience some connectivity issues. Please know we are working as fast as possible to return service asap. We will continue to update clients on this server as we have more info.


One World Hosting Support Staff

18th Jun 2019
News from One World Hosting: Wordpress goodness, domain pricing

Better Wordpress with OWH   Wordpress is an amazing and popular web site tool, but it's also by far the most hacked application we see. Wordpress is patched and updated constantly, but most users don't or can't keep up, leaving their sites, information, and customers vulnerable. You can prevent this happening to your site by keeping every ... 閱讀全文 »

8th May 2018
Spoofed emails "from" ENOM about your domain name

Faked emails from registrars (including eNom) are flooding the web - subject = "The following domain name has been suspended..." or "Domain XXXXXXXXXX.COM Suspension Notice" These are definitely spoofed - trying to trick you into clicking on a virus download link. Never click on a link or attachment you don't recognize!

27th Oct 2015
More on Wordpress security

Wordpress is a great tool & easily the most popular CMS. That also makes it a big hacker target. Protect yours with this security/firewall plugin:

15th May 2015
Critical Wordpress update

WordPress 4.2.1 is now available. This is a critical security release for all previous versions and we strongly encourage you to update your sites immediately. Let us know if you need help! Auto-updating is the way to go - super simple to set up, never fails. Be up to date without worry!

28th Apr 2015
New domain names - 13 great examples

Coffee.Club is getting a lot of attention recently, and rightly so. It's a beautiful site, a nice service, and not least - a memorable name. Many new and established businesses are finding smart ways to use  the new domain name options available - here are 13 high profile site efforts from this past ... 閱讀全文 »

6th Jan 2015
Heartbleed - no worries

An encryption flaw called the Heartbleed bug has gotten a great deal of press this week. Heartbleed does represent a very real security threat, but only two One World Hosting servers were even potentially susceptible to the threat, and they were quickly patched before the threat was widely publicized.   To be honest, weak or plain passwords ... 閱讀全文 »

11th Apr 2014
New Names available Wed Feb 26th - Lower than GoDaddy!

The new gTLDs being released for General Availability FEB 26 at 11:01am EST"General Availability" means they are avialable to anyone at their lowest price.You can register these and any of the other new domains that are available by logging into your Client ... 閱讀全文 »

24th Feb 2014
Mailbox passwords

Recent attacks on mailboxes with weak passwords have required that we change passwords immediately. If you cannot access a mailbox or email address, you'll need to enter your account control panel and update the password. Be sure to update the password setting in your email tool as well. Above all - use strong passwords! Weak passwords WILL get ... 閱讀全文 »

21st Feb 2014
New client area look!

The new version of our hosting management tool looks a little different, but all of the same tools and views are still there - just in a more logical presentation. If you have any concerns (or can't find something!) please let us know.

30th Apr 2013

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