How to access your Client Area

The Client Area is the starting point for all interaction with your One World Hosting account(s), settings, contact and billing information.  To access your own Client Area, start with - you can also log in from the footer of any page on our site.

Please note the wording on that page - your Client Area login is your email and a password which will be different from any specific control panel (or FTP) password.  If you can't find or remember it, use that Password Reset link to obtain a new password.

Once you log in you should see a page like this:

Open Support Tickets and Due Invoices are the home screen.  The most important of the top Client Area links will be "My Services".  Selecting that link will bring up a page listing your accounts, their current status and a link (red arrow below) to the "Product Details" for each account:

When you select the  "Product Details" icon/link, you'll see a more detailed overview of the selected service:

Now you can log directly into your control panel (cPanel) to access all of the tools and settings for your hosted account, and also Webmail for access-anywhere email.  Below this area you'll see the current cPanel password, options to update it, and some addition package information.

Every hosting account cPanel can be accessed directly, without going through the Client Area, by simply visiting the URL, but by using the Client Area you can access everything from one point - accounts, tickets, and every other detail you need!

To order additional (Resold) accounts, open a support ticket, or for other common tasks, use the Quick Navigation links, on the right side of every Client Area page:

You can learn more about reselling in our main Reselling page.

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